When Should You Turn Your Gas Off?

Do I need to turn gas off if pilot light goes out?

If the pilot light is out, the gas must be shut off at the appliance isolation valve, normally located in close proximity to the appliance.

Then you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions to relight the pilot..

Can earthquakes cause gas leaks?

The Problem. Natural gas piping and appliances can be damaged during earthquakes, causing gas leaks. If ignited, this can result in fires which can burn part of, or, the entire building. About one in four fires after an earthquake is related to natural gas leaks.

Where is my gas shut off valve?

Your main shut off valve is located just before the gas meter. This is called your “street side valve”. On the inside of your house, where the pipe enters your house, you can find your “house side valve.” This ball valve is attached to a black iron pipe.

What will you do after an earthquake?

What to Do After an EarthquakeStay alert for aftershocks. … Make sure you and your family are unharmed. … Monitor local news and radio for emergency information. … Do not light matches or turn on light switches until you’re sure there are no gas leaks or flammable liquids spilled.More items…

What to do if gas is turned off?

If your gas is shut off, turn the gas shutoff valves on all gas appliances to the “off” position until the gas service is restored. Use a flashlight to locate the valve if you cannot find it. To turn off the valve, rotate it clockwise until the valve stops turning.

Should I turn my gas off after an earthquake?

Furthermore, the gas that builds up in your home may impact your neighbors in various ways. So an automatic shut-off valve minimizes the chances that a gas leak will cause problems while you are away. However, turning off the gas is turning of the gas, whether you did it or an automatic shut-off valve did it.

Can I turn my gas back on myself?

NOTE: Once you have shut off the gas at the meter, do not try to turn it back on yourself. If the gas service shutoff valve is closed, PG&E or another qualified professional should perform a safety inspection before the gas service is restored and appliance pilots are relit.

How do I turn my gas back on myself?

Prepare your home by turning off all of the gas appliances. Make sure that the pilot light in your furnace is turned off. This is the safest way to restore power to your gas appliances. Once every appliance in your home has been turned off, you are safe to turn the gas back on.