What Were Margie’S Responses?

What did Margie’s mother say about the school and why?

Margie’s mother said that a teacher has to be adjusted to fit the mind of each boy and girl it teaches and that each kid has to be taught differently.

It means that the teacher must fit the mind and level of pupils..

What did Class 9 do?

What did he do? The county inspector gave Margie an apple and started checking for the fault in the mechanical teacher. … He slowed down the geography sector of the mechanical teacher to the standards of teaching a ten-year-old.

What difference did Margie’s mother find in the old school?

What difference did Margie’s mother find in the old school? Ans. Margie’s mother was of the opinion that children should be taught according to their individual needs. But in the old school, the children of the same age group studied the same things.

What is the main idea of the fun they had?

The central idea of the story ‘The Fun They had’ is to build a comparison between the method of education used in the past and the present. The importance of the traditional form of education has been highlighted in the story. The computerized form of education had replaced the traditional form.

How did the inspector correct the mechanical teacher?

Answer. Answer: The county inspector dismantled the mechanical teacher, set the geography sector to an average 10 year level and put it back together. The county inspector had set the level of a ten-years child so that Margie would be able to catch the lessons of geography.

What did Margie hate the most about the mechanical teacher?

Slot is the part of the mechanical teacher was hated by margie because in slot margie and other students was to put their homework and test assignments for marking. She hated it the most because she had to work hard to write in punch code.

What was the routine of Margie’s mechanical teacher?

The routine of Margie’s mechanical teacher was like any other human teacher, which was following regular school hours and days. The mechanical teacher displayed a lesson on its screen to be read and then asked questions based on the chapter. It also had slot where homework and test paper were submitted.

What was Margie’s opinion about school?

Margie always hated school, but now she hated it more than ever. Her school was a virtual classroom. She hated it because her mechanical teacher was giving here test after test in geography which were very difficult for her and she was not faring well in the tests.

What is the conflict in the fun they had?

The setting influences the story because the conflict in the story is man vs. society. In a way, Margie is against society because she does not like her current reformed educational system in the future.

What does telebook mean?

A book made available in textA book made available in text on a television screen.

What do you think a telebook is the fun they had?

According to this Chapter “The Fun They Had” , a telebook has the same text as that of our books but they were displayed on computer screens. The text on them was not still . The text could move by them.

Do you agree with the view of Margie’s mother on education?

Answer: Margie’s mother thinks that the teacher needs to be adjusted according to the mind of every girl and boy. She also thinks that every kidshould be taught in different manner. But this is possible only if the teacher is mechanical teacher that means if a machine teaches the students.

What was Margie’s opinion about a human teacher?

Margie’s opinion on school She was stunned when she heard that the teacher who teaches at the school was a man. She also got to know that the school was a building were all the students went together,They all learned the same thing what the human teacher teaches,it was not as the teacher which Margie and Tommy had.

What is the moral of the story the fun they had?

The moral is that however smart a mechanical(or robotic)teacher is,but there is no other thing that could teach us as good as a human teacher.

What do you think a telebook is answer?

Moreover, one page was having limited number of words, unlike computers where a page can display unlimited number of words. Question 5: What do you think a telebook is? Answer: A telebook can be an online book which can be browsed using internet. Or it can be displayed through TV signals on TV screen.

What was problem with the mechanical teacher?

✡Mechanical Teacher was large, black and ugly with big screen on which all lessons were shown and questions were asked. ✡Once it had some fault in it which was corrected by the County Inspector in about an hour. ✡The fault was that it was geared too fast . Afterwards, it was slowed up to an average 10 year old.

What did her mother think about her learning?

➡️ Margie’s mother thought that little girls learnt better if they learn at regular hours. If so she was regular days and hours for school. Her school was always at the same time everyday except Saturday and Sunday.

What is the main theme of the fun they had?

Gratitude and Wanting. The central arc of “The Fun They Had” focuses on Margie learning about the schools and education of the past, leading to her wishing for a school in which she could learn and have fun with other children.