Quick Answer: Who Is The Parent Company Of Carshield?

Does Carshield cover oil change?

We will pay the first $100 for any of the following requested services: towing; battery jumpstart; flat tire change; essential fluid delivery (You are responsible for the actual cost of the delivered fluids i.e.

gas, oil, water, etc.); locksmith (cost of replacement keys is not included)..

Is CarShield a ripoff?

“CarShield is a scam, I warn everyone who still wants to use this company. After three months of being enrolled, they denied us our coverage. I have never faced any other scam like this in my life. … I would not recommend this company to anyone.

What is American Auto Shield?

American Auto Shield (AAS) is a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) (often referred to as “extended auto warranty”) Administrator. … Instead, American Auto Shield develops and administrates Insured VSCs for Used Vehicles, Motorcycles and ATVs.

Is CarShield with the Better Business Bureau?

It also received 4.2 stars on Trustpilot with over 9,500 customer ratings. Despite these positive CarShield reviews, the BBB gives the company an F rating and indicates a pattern of complaints involving pushy or misleading sales and advertising, difficulty canceling policies, and rude customer service representatives.

Is CarShield a publicly traded company?

CarShield is a privately held company.

Is CarShield worth the money?

If you’re looking for the best extended warranty for an affordable price, CarShield is the way to go. We recognized CarShield for having the Best Value in the industry. If you want comprehensive coverage and service, we think Endurance and CARCHEX are great options.

Does Carshield cover hybrid batteries?

CarShield Review: Cons Hybrids Excluded: The most comprehensive contract doesn’t cover hybrid batteries or parts associated with hybrid-powered vehicle batteries.

Does Carshield cover head gasket?

Notes: Only Carshield’s highest cost, lowest mile policy covers the head gasket. However, Carshield sells the policies of American Auto Shield. We recommend you take some time to look into American Auto Shield before choosing a policy with Carshield so you’ll be prepared to call them.

Does CarShield cover transmission?

A CarShield service contract covers the mechanical parts of your vehicle. … With a CarShield service contract, your engine, transmission, and other vital car parts are protected anytime they break down or malfunction.

What is the best car warranty?

Top 10 New Car WarrantiesHyundai. 5 years/60,000 miles. … Kia. 5 years/60,000 miles. … Genesis. 5 years/60,000 miles. … Volkswagen. 6 years/72,000 miles for 2018 and 2019 models, 4 years/50,000 miles for 2020 models. … Mitsubishi. 5 years/60,000 miles. … Jaguar. 5 years/60,000 miles. … Infiniti. 4 years/60,000 miles. … Lincoln.More items…•

How expensive is CarShield?

Q. What is the average cost of CarShield monthly? A. This all depends on your vehicle and the plan you select, but the typical plans CarShield offers range between $80 and $130 a month.

What is the best car warranty company?

The Best Car Warranty Providers of 2019Endurance – Best for High Mileage Vehicles. … Carchex – Best Warranty Plan Options. … Concord Auto Project- Best for Customer Support. … Liberty Bell Auto Protect – Most Comprehensive List of Makes Accepted. … Infinite Auto Protect – Best Basic Plan. … Autopom!

Is Toco warranty a good company?

Overall, the customer reviews are generally positive. Those who purchase vehicle protection plans from TOCO unanimously agree the company provides great customer service. Claims processing is fairly smooth to boot. The bottom line is this one of the most trustworthy auto warranty providers in business.

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