Quick Answer: What Is Keyless Go Comfort Package?

How does passive keyless entry work?

Passive keyless entry (PKE) is an automotive security system that operates automatically when the user is in proximity to the vehicle, unlocking the door on approach or when the door handle is pulled and locking it when the user walks away or touches the car on exit..

What does keyless start mean?

A keyless system permits starting a car without a physical key being inserted into an ignition. Instead, a small device known as a “key fob” transmits a code to a computer in the vehicle when the fob is within a certain close range.

How do I turn off my Mercedes keyless entry?

Disable keyless entry The keyless go systems that come with the Mercedes models mentioned above can be disabled simply by pressing the lock button twice. This stops the key from broadcasting altogether. However, remember that you’ll need to use your key the next time you want to key into your vehicle.

What is Mercedes Keyless Go comfort package?

The KEYLESS-GO comfort package allows you to open the boot without using your hands. With a simple kicking motion, the boot will open for you automatically.

What is passive keyless entry?

Valeo’s hands-free access and start system allows the user to automatically lock and unlock the car doors without taking the key out of a bag or pocket. … The engine is started simply by pushing the ignition button.

What is Keyless Go Dodge?

This feature allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle’s door(s) without having to push the RKE Key Fob lock or unlock buttons. … If the vehicle is unlocked by Passive Entry and no door is opened within 60 seconds, the vehicle will re-lock and if equipped will arm the security alarm.

Can I add keyless start to my Mercedes?

No you can”t add keyless go after manufacture.

Can you drive a keyless car without the key?

With this feature, drivers can lock and unlock the car just by touching the door handles — without using the key fob at all. Once inside, drivers can start their vehicle the press of a button or, in some cases, the twist of a knob.

What is the difference between Keyless Go and keyless start?

Mercedes KEYLESS GO®: This feature is essentially an upgrade of KEYLESS START®. You can start the engine by pressing the brake pedal or dash-mounted button. By sensing your key in your purse or pocket, KEYLESS GO® also has the ability to automatically unlock/lock the doors when you touch the door handle.

How do you know if your Mercedes has keyless go?

Asking yourself, “How do I know if my Mercedes-Benz has KEYLESS GO®?” The answer is simple! Contact Mercedes-Benz of Ontario and provide us with your model’s VIN number. We can then verify whether or not your vehicle has the Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO® system!