Quick Answer: What Happens If You Forget To Pay PhilHealth?

How much is the penalty for late payment of PhilHealth?


Late payments for premium shall be computed with interests and/or surcharges.


The formula shall be: Interests and/or surcharges = Principal amount x 2% or Php200.00, whichever is higher, compounded monthly based on the number of months delayed 3..

Can I still pay PhilHealth contribution late?

PhilHealth allows retroactive contribution payment for up to three consecutive months, as long as these two conditions are met: Have paid nine consecutive monthly contributions before the unpaid months. Pay retroactively within one month after the unpaid months.

How do I renew my expired PhilHealth?

The following are some of the options available to you if you wish to continue your PhilHealth coverage after your Family Health Card expires. Use the PhilHealth Member Registration Form to update PhilHealth of changes in your membership status. Just be sure to have the form duly acknowledged by PhilHealth.

How will I know if my PhilHealth is active?

MEMBERS of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) may now check on the accuracy of their member data records through a new facility in the government corporation’s website. Launched on PhilHealth’s 20th Anniversary, the Member Inquiry facility can be found on the homepage of www.philhealth.gov.ph.

How much is the PhilHealth contribution in 2020?

PhilHealth Contribution Table 2020 for Employed Members and Formal Economy. Based on the new rate for 2020, employed members need to pay a monthly contribution equivalent to 2.75 percent (%) of their monthly basic salary.

What happens if you miss your PhilHealth payment?

Members who have missed/unpaid premium contributions for a maximum period of three consecutive months but have established nine (9) consecutive months of premium payments prior to the unpaid period shall be allowed to retroactively pay within one (1) month following the unpaid period.