Quick Answer: What Does Outwardly Mean?

What is the meaning of outwards?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 : moving, directed, or turned toward the outside or away from a center an outward flow.

2 : situated on the outside : exterior.

3 : of or relating to the body or to appearances rather than to the mind or the inner life outward beauty..

What is another word for outward appearance?

What is another word for outward appearance?pretenseUSpretenceUKappearanceguisesemblancecloakcoverdisplaymaskmasquerade89 more rows

What does Within mean?

(Entry 1 of 4) 1 : in or into the interior : inside. 2 : in one’s inner thought, disposition, or character : inwardly search within for a creative impulse— Kingman Brewster †1988. within.

What does Ward mean?

Law. a person, especially a minor, who has been legally placed under the care of a guardian or a court. the state of being under the care or control of a legal guardian. guardianship over a minor or some other person legally incapable of managing his or her own affairs.

What’s the meaning of duplicitous?

He’s being duplicitous, or pretending to have feelings that his actions contradict. In duplicitous, you can see the word duplicity, which means “doubleness.” Someone who is duplicitous is almost like two people, saying one thing but then doing something very different, even contradictory.

What is outward behavior?

Demeanor Definition Your demeanor is your outward behavior. It includes the way you stand, the way you talk, your facial expressions, and more. … And that’s how the word is used today—one meaning of demean is still “to conduct oneself in a certain way,” even though the other meaning, “to insult,” is more common today.

What does inwardly mean?

in or on, or with reference to, the inside or inner part; internally. privately; secretly: Inwardly, he disliked his guest. within the self; mentally or spiritually: Look inwardly to discover the truth. in low or soft tones; not aloud. toward the inside, interior, or center.

Is demeanor good or bad?

“Demeanor” suggests a general tendency — good or bad — that can be observed in a person’s behavior. … He shows good behaviour, he obeys the rules and does not make trouble. He is a good doctor, he has a calm demeanor that reassures patients. He has a good attitude, he gets on well with people and is always happy to help.

What is a person’s demeanor?

Your demeanor is defined as being either your facial appearance or your behavior. … Demeanor in English today has evolved from Middle English and Old French to refer to the way one manages or presents oneself, and this definition applies to conduct as well as facial expressions.

What is another word for outward?

What is another word for outward?outsideexternalouterexteriorapparentsurfaceostensibleseemingsuperficialextrinsic41 more rows