Quick Answer: What Does No News Is Good News Mean?

Is no news good news interview?

But, don’t assume that no news is bad news for your job search.

You will probably not be told what happened, but don’t give up on an opportunity too soon.

Particularly if it has only been few days or a couple of weeks past the date the employer said they’d get back to you, don’t give up on the job..

Is no news really good news?

Having no information means that bad developments are unlikely, as in I haven’t heard from them in a month, but no news is good news. This proverbial phrase may have originated with King James I of England, who allegedly said “No news is better than evil news” (1616).

Why do they say no news is good news?

The phrase no news is good news is something people say when they are worried about something to make them feel better. People usually only report bad things in news, not normal things. Therefore, if you don’t hear that something bad happened, it must mean that everything is going well, and as expected.

How do you use good news in a sentence?

How To Use Good News In A Sentence?She was now overjoyed at the good news they brought her.I have had good news to-day.Good news had come of the prospects of war.They evidently had some good news to tell you.She frequently asked if there were good news.

What do you mean by good news?

Noun. (plural only) Something or someone pleasant, fortunate, or otherwise positive. ​(Christianity) The message of Jesus concerning the salvation of the faithful (as elaborated in the Gospels)

What is another word for the good news?

What is another word for good news?glad tidingsgreat newsbetter newsbright sideencouraging newsheart balmpositive newsterrific newswonderful newsmusic2 more rows