Quick Answer: What Does Blabbermouth Mean?

What does indiscreetly mean?

not discreet; lacking prudence, good judgment, or circumspection: an indiscreet remark..

What does babbler mean?

Webster Dictionary Babbler(noun) an idle talker; an irrational prater; a teller of secrets.

What does echo mean in a text?

Messages users sending texts in iOS 11 this fall will be able to share iMessages with two all-new Screen Effects in Apple’s texting app. Specifically, a new “Echo” option sends any selected piece of text to friends by multiplying the message all over the screen.

What does infelicitous mean?

adjective. inapt, inappropriate, or awkward; malapropos: an infelicitous remark. not felicitous, happy, or fortunate; unhappy.

What does unwise mean?

adjective, un·wis·er, un·wis·est. not wise; foolish; imprudent; lacking in good sense or judgment: an unwise choice; an unwise man.

What is an unwise person called?

Foolish people are silly or senseless, and when you do something foolish, it’s clearly unwise or irrational. … Foolish is a 14th century word that comes from fool, a person who’s unwise. The Latin root, follis, means “bellows” or “leather bag.” The “silly person” meaning comes from the figurative idea of a “windbag.”

Is unwise the same as foolish?

As adjectives the difference between foolish and unwise is that foolish is lacking good sense or judgement; unwise while unwise is not wise; defective in wisdom; injudicious; indiscreet; foolish.

What does echo mean in Latin?

mid-14c., “sound repeated by reflection,” from Latin echo, from Greek echo, personified in classical mythology as a mountain nymph who pined away for love of Narcissus until nothing was left of her but her voice, from or related to ekhe “sound,” ekhein “to resound,” from PIE *wagh-io-, extended form of root *(s)wagh- ” …

Whats the opposite of an echo?

What is the opposite of echo?containinhibitmufflerepressrestrainsmotherstiflesuppresscalmdeaden4 more rows

What does Malapropos mean?

adjective. inappropriate; out of place; inopportune; untimely: a malapropos remark.

Is prudent positive or negative?

prudent – (positive) a person who avoids taking risks and is careful. cowardly – (negative) a person who is too scared to take risks.

What is Echo give example?

Echo is defined as a sound repeating by sound wave reflection, having a lasting or far reaching impact, or repeating what someone else has said. An example of echo is the repeating of a sound created by footsteps in an empty marble hallway.

What is another word for echo?

In this page you can discover 43 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for echo, like: resound, imitation, reiterate, repetition, reverberation, repeat, mimic, reverberate, answer, imitate and sound.

What is the uses of Echo?

Applications of echoes – example Echoes are used by bats, dolphins and fisherman to detect an object / obstruction. They are also used in SONAR (Sound navigation and ranging) and RADAR(Radio detection and ranging) to detect an obstacle.

What is Alexa screen?

Echo Show features a new look, a vibrant 10.1” HD screen, built-in smart home hub, and improved speakers that deliver expansive stereo sound. Just ask Alexa to show you a recipe, watch live TV and sports with Hulu, make video calls, or see who’s at the front door.

What is prudent behavior?

prudent. … If you show good and careful judgment when handling practical matters, you can be described as prudent. Similarly, a wise and well-thought-through decision or action can be called prudent.

What do you call a foolish person?

Foolish, fatuous, silly, inane, stupid, asinine imply weakness of intellect and lack of judgment. Foolish implies lack of common sense or good judgment or, sometimes, weakness of mind: a foolish decision; The child seems foolish.

What is another word for sounded?

Sounded Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for sounded?criedannouncedexpressedspreadvoiceddivulgeddisseminatedpronouncedput into wordsspread around153 more rows

Who is a prudent woman?

A prudent woman does what she can and is content with small solutions rather than grandiose ambitions and gestures. A prudent woman speaks out and stands up for her approach. During these trying times, we invite those who have access to wealth of any size to bring a Prudent Woman framework to your investing.

What does it mean to echo someone?

An echo is a repetition or imitation of sound. If you agree with someone, you might echo his or her statement. …

What pester means?

verb (used with object) to bother persistently with petty annoyances; trouble: Don’t pester me with your trivial problems.

What is the meaning of prudent?

adjective. wise or judicious in practical affairs; sagacious; discreet or circumspect; sober. careful in providing for the future; provident: a prudent decision.

What does torment mean?

verb (used with object) to afflict with great bodily or mental suffering; pain: to be tormented with violent headaches.