Quick Answer: Can Logs Be Too Dry To Burn?

Can whole logs burn?

You shouldn’t burn just any whole logs.

Unless a whole log has been dried, it will likely contain an excessive amount of moisture.

The high moisture content prevents the wood from burning completely.

Not all whole logs suffer from a high moisture content, though..

Can wood be too old to burn?

Firewood shouldn’t be able to age past its usefulness for burning. In other words, if the firewood is protected from insects and moisture reasonably well, it could last for many years before burning. … If it sounds solid, and hasn’t turned to a log-shaped piece of termite poop or compost, you can burn it.

Can you burn dry rotted wood?

If a piece of wood is rotted, don’t burn it in your fireplace. Rotten wood is less dense than solid, unrotten wood. And with a lower density, it won’t produce as much heat when burned. Furthermore, rotting typically occurs from exposure to water or moisture.

Can wood be too dry burning?

Since wood smoke is fuel, we want to burn it as completely as possible and that means mixing with adequate oxygen in the combustion air. … Wood that is very dry produces a fire that is hard to control without making a lot of smoke. Kiln-dried wood is down around 10 percent moisture.

How dry do logs have to be to burn?

Virtually every wood burning stove manufacturer recommends only burning wood logs with a moisture content of less than 20%. Somewhere between 10% and 20% is ideal.