Quick Answer: Can I Use YouTube Premium On Multiple Accounts?

Can I use my YouTube account on two devices?

You can use YouTube TV on up to three devices at the same time.

Note that watching YouTube TV on a computer and a mobile device at the same time counts as two of the three available devices..

Can you use YouTube music on multiple devices at the same time?

As a YouTube Premium member, you can only stream music-related videos on one device at a time. … All family members included in your family plan will get access to YouTube Premium. Note: The streaming limit also applies to browsers on the same device.

Is it worth it to get YouTube premium?

YouTube Premium offers everything from YouTube Music Premium, but with ad-free video, playing videos in the background without having to be in the app, video downloads, and access to YouTube originals for $12/month. … With that said, it’s unlikely that the video-based benefits are worth $2/month to YouTube.

What is the difference between YouTube red and premium?

YouTube Red is an all in one subscription service for YouTube. You get access to ad-free videos, offline downloads, YouTube Music features, background listening and a selection of original content from YouTube. … This is a good deal because YouTube Red costs $9.99/month while YouTube Premium will be $11.99/month.

How do I add someone to my premium account on YouTube?

Add a family member:Sign in to the Google Account associated with your YouTube Premium or Music Premium membership.Visit youtube.com/paid_memberships on a web browser.Select Manage membership .Click Edit next to Family sharing settings.Select Invite family member.More items…

How do I transfer my YouTube premium account to another account?

Move your channel to another account by following these steps:In the top right corner of youtube.com, click your profile picture.Click Switch account.Sign in to the account associated with the channel you want to move. … Go to your advanced account settings.More items…

Does YouTube premium work on all devices?

If you have YouTube Premium, your membership benefits are available across all devices with access to YouTube.

What happens when you move your YouTube channel to a brand account?

By moving your YouTube channel to a YouTube Brand Account your existing videos, subscribers, views, and interactions, as well as your channel-layout, will be transferred automatically.

Do Youtubers use brand accounts?

Yes , u can create brand or simple channel. Move YouTube channel to Brand Account. When a channel is linked to a Brand Account, multiple people can manage it from their Google Accounts. …

How do you switch accounts on YouTube?

To switch to a different channel that you manage:In the top right corner of youtube.com, click your channel icon.Click Switch account. You’ll see a list of the Accounts that you manage, as well as your Google Account identity.Click the account you want to use.

How many accounts can you have on YouTube premium?

10You can use the offline features of your paid membership on up to 10 mobile devices at a time. If you try to download a video on a new device once you’ve reach this limit, the oldest of the 10 devices will be de-authorized.

Can I share my YouTube TV account with family?

If you’ve purchased a YouTube TV membership, you can create a family group to share your membership with up to 5 people at no additional cost. When you create a family group, you become the family manager. … Sharing YouTube TV as part of a family group also lets you share other Google services with the same people.

Can the family manager see your history?

When you create a family group, you become the family manager. As the family manager, you can invite family members (13 or older) to join your family group. … Your viewing preferences and DVR are all your own—we won’t share your library or watch history with your family group.

Are movies free on YouTube premium?

A YouTube Premium account allows you to watch videos ad-free, along with many other bonus perks for just $9.99/month. You don’t need a paid subscription to watch YouTube’s selection of free movies. You don’t technically need a premium account to buy or rent movies on YouTube that aren’t free.