Question: What Is A Wazzock?

What is a Wazak?

Northern British term for a stupid or annoying person..

Is Minger a bad word?

And along with ‘minging’ there’s ‘minger’. Now calling someone a minger is a really bad insult. It often implies ‘ugly person’. If you said someone’s girlfriend was a minger you’d be at serious risk of a punch on the nose.

Whats a pregnant fish called?

Some would try to make you believe that a pregnant goldfish is called a twit, or a twerp. In reality there is no term for a pregnant goldfish because goldfish never get pregnant! Female Goldfish lay eggs and the eggs are fertilised by male fish outside of the body.

How do fish give birth?

Most fish release thousands of eggs, scattering them in the water where the male fish fertilize them. The eggs develop and hatch into larvae (baby fish) without any help from the parents. … A few kinds of fish keep their eggs inside their bodies, so when they hatch they give birth to live young.

What is a Ninnyhammer?

noun. a fool or simpleton; ninny.

What does Wazzock mean in England?

wazzock (plural wazzocks) (Britain, originally Northern England, mildly derogatory, slang) A stupid or annoying person.

What is a Wassock?

A word used frequently in the Midlands to describe someone who is a bit dim, an idiot. My fiend really is a bit of a Wassock.

Is Berk a swear word?

‘Twat’ is not a swear word. … For example, the word ‘berk’ is now so inoffensive as not even to make Ofcom’s list of naughty words. But when it was first coined in the 1930s it was short for ‘Berkshire hunt’, Cockney rhyming slang for a word that no politician would dare utter on the radio.

Why do Brits say bloody?

Origin. Use of the adjective bloody as a profane intensifier predates the 18th century. Its ultimate origin is unclear, and several hypotheses have been suggested. … The Oxford English Dictionary prefers the theory that it arose from aristocratic rowdies known as “bloods”, hence “bloody drunk” means “drunk as a blood”.

How do you respond to an insult?

5 Effective Ways to Respond to Backhanded Compliments. This is how to reply when someone offers an insult disguised as a compliment. … Ignore it. Staying silent doesn’t mean you’re letting yourself get pushed around. … Say, “Thank you.” … Acknowledge the positive portion. … Address the insult head-on. … Keep your sense of humor.

What is a Pillock the insult?

Definition – a very stupid or foolish person. Pillock (which has also on occasion been spelled pilloch, pillok, and pillick) is one of the hundreds of euphemisms for the male sexual organ in the English language.

What is a Ninken poop?

informal. : a stupid or silly person : fool, simpleton …

What is a Pilok?

Noun. pilok. an eyelash; one of the hairs which grow along the edge of eyelids. a thin skin membrane that covers and moves over an eye; the eyelid.

How long is a fish pregnant for?

Like other live-bearing fish, she carries her fry until they are fully developed. The gestation period typically lasts for around 28 days.

Is Pillock a rude word?

Pillock. As words are used more regularly, the laziness of pronunciation can often warp them slightly. … Originally pillicock (a Norwegian slang word for penis), the word has since been condensed to plain old pillock—though its meaning remains.

What does git mean in British slang?

Git is a term of insult with origins in English denoting an unpleasant, silly, incompetent, annoying, senile, elderly or childish person. As a mild oath it is roughly on a par with prat and marginally less pejorative than berk.

What does punk mean?

1 : a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian. 2a : punk rock. b : a punk rock musician. c : one who affects punk styles.

What is Minger in British slang?

noun British Slang. an ugly, unpleasant, or smelly person or thing.