Question: Is Square Root Of 13 A Rational Number?

Is square root of 13 a whole number?

Actually, any positive number n has two square roots, namely √n and −√n .

The notation √n denotes the principal square root, which is the positive one.

So √13 lies strictly between 3 and 4 , so is not an integer, whole number or natural number..

What number has a square root of 13?

Table of Squares and Square RootsNUMBERSQUARESQUARE ROOT101003.162111213.317121443.464131693.60696 more rows

Is the square root of 14 a rational number?

The only square roots that are rational numbers are those who are perfect squares. … √14 =3.74, which is not an integer and therefore is an irrational number.

Is the square root of 64 a rational number?

The positive square root of 64 is 8, and all integers are rational by definition. To determine if a number is rational you need to see if you can write the value exactly as a fraction (or ratio) of two integers. … The square root of 64 is 8. 8 is a rational number.

Which type of number is 15?

15 (fifteen) is a number, numeral, and glyph. It is the natural number following 14 and preceding 16.

Is 13 a rational?

Answer and Explanation: 13 is a rational number. A rational number is any number that is negative, positive or zero, and that can be written as a fraction. This includes all…