Question: How Can I Know My PAN Number In Aadhar Card?

How can I know my pan no in Aadhar card?

Step 2: Click on ‘Instant PAN through Aadhaar’ under the ‘Quick Links’ section.

Step 3: Click on ‘Check Status of PAN’.

Step 4: Submit the Aadhaar number in the required space, an OTP will be sent on your mobile number registered with the UIDAI database.

Step 5: Enter the OTP in the required space..

What does 10 digit PAN number mean?

permanent account numberYour permanent account number (PAN) is a 10-digit alphanumeric number, which is used as your identity proof. … The fourth character for a majority of PAN holders is the letter “P”, which stands for “person”. The other nine letters that can represent the fourth character are C, H, F, A, T, B, L, J, and G.

How can I know my PAN number without PAN number?

If you don’t know your PAN card number, you can find out this information on the e-filing website. You need to provide your name and date of birth. Step 1: Log on to the e-Filing website. Step 2: Click on “Know Your PAN”.

Can I download my PAN card online?

You can download PAN card soft copy (e-PAN card) through the NSDL portal with your Acknowledgement number as well as your PAN and date of birth. Here are the steps by which you can download your e-PAN card with the acknowledgement number: Visit the NSDL portal to download the e-PAN with acknowledgement number.

How can I get my pan card in 3 days?

The process is given below:Step 1: Log in to NSDL website. … Step 2: Select the type of form. … Step 3: How to submit the application for PAN? … Step 4: Track the status of your application. … Step 5: Get the PAN card within 48 hours.

How can I know my PAN number online?

You need to visit- . You will be redirected to a page showcasing ‘Verify Your PAN’. After landing on the page, you need to fill in details like PAN Card number, full name, date of birth, status, captcha code.

How can I know my PAN number?

Alternatively, applicant may call TIN Call Centre on 020 – 2721 8080 to enquire about the status of application. The status of the PAN application can also be tracked by sending an SMS – NSDLPAN your 15 digit acknowledgement number to 57575.

How can I know my PAN number by name?

Search for your PAN card details by name and date of birthOn the e-Filing website, click on “Know Your PAN”.Enter your Date of Birth or Date of incorporation in DD/MM/YYYY format.Enter your surname first, then enter your middle name and first name.Enter the Captcha Code as shown on the screen.Click on submit.

What is surname in pan?

While filling in your application, you should fill your surname before your first name. However, on the PAN card, your name will appear in the sequence of ‘First name Surname’. 2. There is a paperless facility called e-KYC and e-sign where your Aadhaar details will be used.

How can I know my PAN card issue date?

The pan card issue date(DOI) is not important for any kind of documents or application. But for the knowledge and information the issue date of the pan is printed at right side vertically of the photo on the pan card. you can get the Date of issue from pan card physical copy.