Question: Are Blue Headlights Legal In Kentucky?

Are colored headlights illegal in Kentucky?

A Kentucky law that goes into effect at the end of the week requires your headlights to only emit the color white.

It also says headlamps must meet United States Department of Transportation regulations.

It also bans any tint or film you put over your headlights..

Just as in the UK, EU or US, Australian headlight laws are simple and limit drivers to either yellow or white headlights. Xenon HIDs can have a slightly blue colour, but Australian law forbids completely blue headlights.

Is Underglow illegal in Kentucky?

Is neon underglow legal in Kentucky? Kentucky law does not restrict usage of additional vehicle lighting which would include neon underglow. … Displaying any kind of flashing or rotating lights, except in the case of an emergency, is not permitted. Displaying blue lights is not permitted.

Specific State Law Examples Some states like California, Kansas, and Arizona, allow the use of neon underglow car lights with restrictions on a particular color and location. For instance, Arizona traffic laws only allow amber or white lights (without glare) on the side portions of a car.