How Do I Get Rid Of Find My Phone Message?

How do I get rid of find my phone?

Open your device’s Settings app.

Tap Security & location.

Tap Find My Device.

Turn off Find My Device..

How do I turn off device notifications?

Locate the application, in your case Android Device Manager, it may be labelled “Device Manager”. Highlight the application, then select “app info” In the App Info screen, uncheck the “Show notifications” box.

What is the Find My Mobile notification?

The Find My Mobile application lets users remotely locate lost or misplaced smartphones, back up data stored on the device to the company’s cloud service, lock the main screen, block access to Samsung Pay, and—in the worst case scenario—delete all data from the device.

Can I turn on Find my phone remotely?

Sign in to Find My Device (URL: to access these services.From a Home screen, navigate: Apps > Settings > Google (Google services).To allow the device to be remotely located: Tap Location. … Tap Security.Tap the following switches to turn on or off: Remotely locate this device.

How can I use Find My Mobile?

Open….To find, lock, or erase an Android phone, that phone must:Be turned on.Be signed in to a Google Account.Be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi.Be visible on Google Play.Have Location turned on.Have Find My Device turned on.