Are BiOrb Tanks Good For Fish?

Why do my fish keep dying in my Biorb?

Fish produce waste in the form of toxic ammonia – this is broken down by bacteria into nitrites, which is then broken down by different bacteria into nitrates, which are less toxic to fish.

The bacteria that perform this live in the filter media – usually sponges or in the case of the bi-orb, the stones at the bottom..

Can I put sand in my BiOrb?

We strongly advise against putting gravel, sand or small stones in the biOrb. Gravel is likely to reduce filtration and may become lodged in the filter cartridge casing.

How do BiOrb tanks work?

Biological, Mechanical and Chemical. Clean water flows vigorously up the bubble tube in the centre of your biOrb. As it breaks the waters surface it keeps the gases in equilibrium with the air above the water surface. The circular flow of water then collects any fish waste on its way down.

What fish can you keep in a biOrb tank?

BiOrb Classic 60 litre Go tropical and you could keep groups of many of the most popular fish including tetras, rasboras, small barbs like Cherry barbs, guppies and platies.

Are biOrb aquariums good?

The biOrb is a beautiful tank and the lighting makes it look fantastic, especially at night. However, if your interest is in keeping several fish happy and clean, I would not recommend this tank. It’s a great decorative aquarium for one or two fish, but any more than that, you’ll be taxing the anemic filtration system.

What fish can you keep in a 15 Litre tank?

If you are willing to clean your tank out at least once a week (by replacing about a fifth of the water), you can get fish such as neon tetras, guppies, or platties.

Should I change the water if a fish dies?

Remove. Any dead fish should be removed, as its body will quickly rot in the warm, bacteria-laden water. A corpse will pollute water, risking the health of other fish in the tank. If it died from disease the last thing you want is other fish consuming its body parts, so remove immediately.

Can you keep tropical fish in a biOrb?

Most fish will work in your biorb aquarium. If you choose tropical fish be sure to get a heater to keep the water temperature warm enough for them.

How often should I change water in BiOrb?

BiOrb (30L / 8 Gallon): Replace Filter every 6 weeks; Change Water (30%) every 3 weeks.

Why did my fish die after I cleaned the tank?

The cause is more complex than that. Over time the by-products of fish waste, uneaten food particles, dead leaves from plants, etc., alter the chemistry of the water. … When a sudden, large water change occurs, it causes such a drastic shift in the makeup of the water that the fish often cannot tolerate it and they die.

When can I put fish in my biOrb?

We advise that you do not add fish in the tank for 24 hours. Adding fish too quickly or adding too many fish will affect the ammonia levels in the water which is dangerous for the fish.

Can you put real plants in a Biorb?

plant your tank Java fern or anubias will both do well in a biorb. The lighting is relatively low on a biorb, so, supplementation of any ferts can be done weekly.

Why does my biOrb keep going green?

Green water is caused by algae. … Algae needs sunglight and nutrients in order to grow. Too much daylight, especially during the summer months when the days are longer and warmer, will cause algae to thrive. Excess nutrients win the water, from overfeeding for example, will also cause algae problems.

How many fish points is a 30l tank?

Well, the answer depends on which fish you want to keep. Fish vary greatly in size, and how active they are will be a factor too. But to give you an idea, with smaller fish like neon tetra, you will be able to keep around 10 fish in a 60L tank.

Do goldfish get sad when other fish die?

According to researchers, fish can get depressed, too, and studies are being done on the aquatic animals in an effort to find treatments for humans suffering from the disorder. … But, if the fish swims up top and explores its new environment, then it’s apparently happy as a clam.